HOT Brings Community Events to Twelve Locations Around the World

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team has teamed up with local organising partners to host community events in several locations around the world.

Instead of hosting a single event, this year we are investing our time and resources in supporting global, regional, and local conferences and community events around the world to bring the spirit of the Summit to thousands of new people.

I love this idea. Instead of flying-in people to one big event hosted in Europe or Northern America, surely excluding many people from attending because of travel costs and visa requirements, HOT brings the event closer to the community and the people who benefit from their work.

Twelve events are currently planned until the end of 2022:

  • 19 August: State of the Map – Florence, Italy
  • 20 August: Ensemble pour la cartographie participative – Butembo, DRC
  • 22 August: FOSS4G – Florence Italy
  • 19 September : National Meeting of Geography Students (ENEG) – Guanajuato, Mexico
  • 24 October: GeONG – Chambery, France
  • 30 October: Popular & Collaborative Disaster Risk Management and OpenStreetMap – Lima, Peru
  • 31 October: Teto Brasil annual gathering + Cidade em Foco (City in Focus) – São Paulo, Brazil
  • 11 November: Conference Internationale sur la digitalisation des Territoires (CIDT) – Bamako, Mali
  • 14 November: Pista ng Mapa – Cebu City, Philippines
  • 24 November: CAFDO3 – Tunis, Tunisia
  • 28 November: Pacific Geospatial Conference – Suva, Fiji
  • Date tbc: Kombi Kartografi / SotM Haiti – Port-au-Prince, Haiti