Outreachy Opens Applications for Tech Internships Starting in December 2022

Outreachy has opened applications for the winter cohort of interns beginning in December 2022.

Outreachy is an internship program designed for young people to make their first mark in open-source software development, specifically people from underrepresented groups in the tech industry. (So, if you’re a European white dude, you don’t need to apply.) The internships come with a $7,000 stipend for three months and are fully remote.

The mentoring projects for the next round will only be announced at the end of September. Still, it usually includes projects with a data-collection and data-management focus, some with a geospatial element. The most recently completed round included interns at Ushahidi and ODK-X.

The program is an excellent opportunity to get into open source and add a fantastic project to your portfolio. I’ve mentored Outreachy interns before, and some went to build successful careers at big names such as RedHat and Google. (Obviously, because my former mentees are smart and driven software engineers and not because I’m a particularly great mentor.)