Felt Now Supports Raster Data, Too

Felt added support for raster data like GeoTIFF, XYZ tile services and images:

Today we are announcing three new features that make raster files easier to work with than ever before:

  • The ability to upload raster files as layers on your map.
  • The ability to add any XYZ URL from sources such as Planet, or other imagery providers, which will dynamically load external imagery.
  • A set of purpose-built OSM layers, such as streets and building footprints, to complete your map quickly.

There’s a real danger that this is becoming a Felt fan blog but they keep delivering well-designed and useful features that strip away a lot of the complexity that comes from working with geospatial data. While we have seen most Felt’s functionality before in traditional GIS, their approach to reimagining known functionality to make map making more accessible to non-GIS crowds is truly ground-breaking.