The STAC API 1.0 Announcement

I reported about the release of STAC API 1.0 earlier this year (I’m tempted to say exclusively but this is just a blog not the New York Times.) Today, Radiant Earth, the shepherd of STAC, published an official announcement.

On April 25, with the help of 47 contributors and 2,790 commits, the STAC API specification reached its 1.0.0 version release. With this release, the STAC API specification is fully aligned with OGC API - Features Version 1.0 standard and the project aims to maintain alignment with OGC standards as they mature.

Following this milestone for STAC, the community is now working to align STAC extensions with the API spec so each of the extensions reaches 1.0 at some point.

A comprehensive overview of the current statuses of these extensions can be accessed at At the time of writing this blog post, none of the extensions have reached the 1.0.0 milestone yet. However, no significant changes are expected for the Fields, Sort, Transaction, Filter, and Query extensions, and they are anticipated to attain the 1.0.0 status in the near future.