GeoParquet 1.0.0 Is Here

Chris Holmes:

The GeoParquet community is pleased to announce the release of GeoParquet 1.0.0. This is a huge milestone, indicating that the format has been implemented and tested by lots of different users and systems and the core team is confident that it is a stable foundation that won’t change. There are more than 20 different libraries and tools that support the format, and hundreds of gigabytes of public data is available in GeoParquet, from a number of different data providers.

GeoParquet is one of the most promising geo-data formats introduced in the last few years. It adds ability to encode geographic geometries in Apache Parquet.

GeoParquet’s adoption is growing, some big names are already offering data in GeoParquet:

We’re also starting to see data providers like Microsoft, Maxar, Planet, Ordnance Survey and others put new data in GeoParquet. And the community is also converting a number of interesting large scale datasets like the Google Open Buildings and Overture Maps data to GeoParquet on Source Cooperative.

The GeoParquet community will now take the specification through the OGC’s standardisation process, which won’t fundamentally change the current specification but it will add a formal stamp of approval.