Placemark is Closing

Sad news from Placemark today, the platform is shutting down in January:

Well, I’ve made the decision to wind down my efforts on Placemark - it’s been a lovely journey thanks to great folks using it (like you!) but ultimately wasn’t self-sustaining financially.

Starting today,

  • New signups will be disabled
  • Existing paid users will have free access until January 19, 2024
  • In January 2024 I’ll release the full source code for the application as open source

The writing has been on the wall since Tom MacWright wrote in January:

I’ve envisioned it as a tool that you can use for simple things but can grow into a tool you use professionally or semi-professionally, but maybe that’s not the future: the future is Canva, not Illustrator.

Tom was the creator and only person who worked on Placemark (as far as I know). It’s hard to compete as a one-person company, when products as impressive Felt launch at the same time.