Cloud-Native Geospatial Webinar - Pacific Perspectives

A webinar on cloud-native geospatial technologies and their applications in the pacific region features four speakers:

  • Wei Ji Leong of Development Seed introduces cloud-optimised data formats for geospatial data, focussing on imaging, multi-dimensional data cubes, point clouds and vector data.
  • Alex Leith of Auspatious talked through the history of Digital Earth platforms, and how cloud-native spatial data have shaped and influenced their development.
  • Leo Ghignone from the University of Tasmania explained how IMOS, the Integrated Marine Observing System, use cloud-optimised data to support oceanographic research around the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Fang Yuan of Frontier SI shared a perspective from application developers who used cloud-native data to implement scalable and performant geospatial solutions.

The two-hour recording is now available online.