Quietly Receives an Update

Christopher Beddow reported it first (at least in my timeline); the small-scale GeoJSON editor received an update after development had lied dormant for a while. 

There are no recent releases, the changelog hasn’t been updated in over four years, and the Mapbox blog is quiet on the topic. It’s hard to precisely summarise what has changed. But based on my memory of the feature set before the update, newly added features include the following:

  • Project the data using Mapbox’s recently released globe projection.
  • New base maps, including Outdoors, Light, and Dark styles.
  • Load XYZ tile layers from external sources.
  • Create a set of points, ideal if you want to quickly create an artificial dataset for testing.
  • Enhance existing geometries by automatically adding bounding boxes to each feature.
  • Import data from text and binary formats, including:
    • Encoded polylines
    • Well-know Binary (WKB)
    • Well-known Text (WKT)

Update: Chris Whong pointed out on Twitter that most of the functionality outlined above was already existing prior to last week’s update. Chris has also updated the changelog. I missed a couple of new features, including:

  • The underlying mapping library was upgraded to MapboxGL, which enables the globe projection.
  • Automatic formatting of GeoJSON when pasted.
  • Code-folding, ideal for working with long GeoJSON documents.