New Book: Open Mapping Towards Sustainable Development Goals

A new book documents the history and activities of Youthmappers, a global movement that engages university students in local mapping using modern technology to collect data and organise activities. Open Mapping towards Sustainable Development Goals looks Youthmappers chapters worldwide and how their work relates and contributes to achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

But this isn’t your average Springer publication with contributions from tenured university professors who only leave their offices to spend the summer uninterrupted in their holiday homes to write. All chapters were written by Youtmappers activists:

[T]his book aims to document and share insights about this movement’s emergence from the first-person voices of the very students themselves who are among those at the forefront of creating our new people’speople’s map of the world. […] Each chapter puts forward the voices of students and recent graduates in countries where YouthMappers works, all over the world. Many of them hail from countries where expertise in geospatial technologies for the SDGs is nascent and needed.

Each chapter is written in the context of a primary and a secondary SDG, identified by each chapter’s authors. The topics covered are as wide-ranging as the SDGs and as diverse as its contributors, including city planning, agriculture, gender equality or ethics.

The ebook version is available for free as PDF or ePub, the paperback is EUR 39.99, and the hardcover is EUR 49.99.