Development Seed Introduces eoAPI

My colleagues at Development Seed have released eoAPI:

Say hello 👋 to eoAPI, a cloud-native backend for standing up a modern, open geospatial data infrastructure. Built around the STAC specification, eoAPI makes massive earth observation (EO) data archives discoverable and interoperable. EO data is accessible through open community standards for data discovery, allowing your data to connect seamlessly to scientific notebooks, AI pipelines, and dashboard interfaces.

eoAPI bundles open-source software into a package, which simplifies standing up modern geospatial data infrastructure to aid discovery and visualisation of geospatial vector and raster data and make it available through open standards:

  • pg-STAC is an optimized Postgres schema to index and search large-scale STAC collections.
  • stac-fastapi is an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Features API compliant FastAPI application for STAC metadata search.
  • titiler-pgSTAC is a TiTiler extension that connects to pgSTAC to support large-scale dynamic mosaic tiling for visualizing STAC collections and items.
  • tipg is an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Features and Tiles API for vector datasets.

Getting started is easy with infrastructure-as-code templates allowing you to deploy eoAPI with opinionated but reasonable defaults:

  • eoapi-cdk - A set of AWS CDK constructs to deploy eoAPI services.
  • eoapi-template - An AWS CDK app that shows how to configure the eoapi-cdk constructs.
  • eoapi-k8s - IaC and Helm charts for deploying eoAPI services on AWS and GCP.

The softwares is available open-source and free under the permissive MIT licence.