New Map APIs From Google

Ahead of Google Cloud Next 23, the company announced new map data sets available through the Google Maps API.

Now we’re expanding our sustainability offerings with new products in Google Maps Platform. These products apply AI and machine learning, along with aerial imagery and environmental data, to provide up-to-date information about solar potential, air quality and pollen levels. With this technology, developers, businesses and organizations can build tools that map and mitigate environmental impact.

The SolarAPI helps building owners and developers estimate potential energy savings by leveraging solar power. Using imagery, LIDAR data and 3D models, the data provides insights on the solar potential of a building and aids the design of solar systems. The data covers 40 countries.

While data from the Solar API can help tackle the causes of climate change, the Air Quality and Pollen APIs help humans mitigate its effects.

Based on a model that takes in land cover, climate data, pollen-production rates from various plant species, the Pollen API provides estimated pollen counts for 15 plant species in 65 countries. The Air Quality API combines data from various sources, including “government monitoring stations, sensors, models, meteorological data, satellites, land cover, and live traffic information,” to create a air-quality layer covering 100 countries.